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    Window Tinting

    Taking care of the car means giving equal importance to every aspect of the vehicle, be it the exterior, the interior, the engine, wheels, and windows. Yes, windows. The car windows are just as prone to damage as the paint and the interiors. Protect your vehicle’s interior and yourself from heat and UV rays.

    At Like New Automotive, our skilled mechanics and technicians serve the best in class and affordable technology for window tinting in Fairfax, VA.

    Window Tinting

    Benefits Of Window Tinting:

    Tinting Decreases the Inside Temperature of the Car How many times have you opened the car door and felt like you are entering a microwave oven?? It doesn’t matter that you have parked your car in a shade, the inside temperature of your car will get affected because of outside weather conditions. Therefore, tinting the car windows will reduce the heat inside by around 34-45%.

    Block UV Rays and Glare

    Like New Automotive tinting has ceramic nano-particle coating that offers great protection from sunlight while ensuring higher visual clarity. The tint rejects up to 56% heat and 99% UV rays. It also reduces the effect of IR heat up to 85% and the glare by up to 55

    Blocks the Glass from Shattering

    Do you know that tinted window glass does not get destroyed completely? It does break, but the pieces will not fly and hurt the people inside the car. The tint holds the glass pieces together in an event of a mishappening. This will also prevent thieves from breaking the window glass to enter the car or steal from it.

    Preserves Seats (Upholstery) from Fading

    Excess exposure to sunlight can result in the upholstery becoming faded and dull. Like new Automotive Window tinting protects your seats from getting heated and faded. It is also profoundly scratch-resistant. You don’t have to worry about random scratches ruining the advantages of using window tints.

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    Window Tinting

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