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    Tune Up in Fairfax, VA

    If you want your vehicle to last as long as possible and be in top condition, you should have regular tune-up service performed. Your vehicles need a tune-up service every 30,000 miles. A routine tune-up can give you protection against the major engine problem by locating and replacing worn components. Having a regular tune-up schedule will assist your vehicle in boosting efficiency, preserving a higher fuel mileage, and lasting much longer.

    Auto Mechanic Services

    Why Choose Like New Automotive for Car Tune-Ups

    Like New Automotive in Fairfax, VA offers dependable, affordable, and quality tune-ups, as well as various other auto repair and maintenance services. The expert tune-up technicians at our mechanic shop can perform various preventative maintenance services, including tune-ups on your vehicle.

    A Thorough Tune-Up Executed by our Proficient Specialist Includes:

    Causes of Engine Issues

    Common factors that cause engine problems include clogged fuel injectors, dirty air and fuel filters, corroded spark plugs, and bad plug wires. If any of the components of your engine fails, it can result in reduced fuel economy, decreased engine performance, higher emissions, and even engine failure. Tune-up service includes an evaluation of the entire system to help identify and correct any potential problems.

    Benefits of a Tune-Up Service

    There is a long list of benefits you will enjoy when you receive a vehicle tune-up. Some of these benefits include:

    To schedule an appointment for an oil change at our shop in Fairfax, VA, you can contact us at (703) 536-2880.

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