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    Are the scratches on your car bothering you? If your car’s paint looks dead, and you want to give your car the old shine, then you need a paint correction. The only way to accomplish perfect paint job is through wet sanding and buffing. This is not only for used cars but also for new cars. It may seem unnecessary to correct brand new paint, but even a new paint job is not perfectly smooth, so it still needs care and diligence to acquire the best possible shine.

    Paint correction is the process of leveling the clear coat on your vehicle to remove spider swirls, holograms, scratches, scuffs and oxidation. The only way to accomplish a perfect finish is by using years of knowledge to access the condition of the vehicle’s paint you are working on. This allows our techs to know what machines, sand paper grits or what chemicals will be needed to accomplish flawless results for your vehicle and every other vehicle that comes through our doors. At Like New Automotive, we use varieties of compounds, polishes, pads, machines, and coatings to ensure your vehicle is show car ready.

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    Why Consider Paint Correction?

    A vehicle’s paint has to deal with a lot of environmental challenges, Paint Correction is good for:

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