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    Heating and Defrost Repair in Fairfax, VA

    Your vehicle’s heating system consists of the radiator, thermostat, heater core, and other components. All these components need proper maintenance to ensure that the air conditioning, heating, and defroster can be effective in keeping your car comfortable and safe. A working car heater will keep you warm and defrost your car. Your car’s heating system is responsible for cooling your car’s engine, and the A/C system plays a vital role in colder months as well. Ignoring issues with your air condition and heating systems can lead to expensive repairs down the line. The heating system is connected to the engine cooling system and uses heat from the engine to warm up the cabin. The defroster removes the condensed water droplets or ice from the windshields and windows of a vehicle. Its main function is to clear the windscreen of condensed water to improve visibility.

    Heating and Defrost Repair

    Get Professional Heating and Defrost Repair Near You!

    If your air conditioning is not functioning properly, this will also affect the defroster and heating system. At Like New Automotive, Fairfax, VA, we perform A/C repair, cooling system repair, heating and defrost repair, and other auto repair services. We can perform routine maintenance to help maintain your automobile cabin temperature and keep your windscreen clear for you and your passengers’ comfort and safety. Community Car Care offers quality heating and defrost repair services near you. To keep warm and cozy or cool and comfortable, it’s best to maintain your heating & air conditioning systems with us.

    A Thorough Inspection Includes:

    System Testing Includes:

    To schedule an appointment for an oil change at our shop in Fairfax, VA, you can contact us at (703) 536-2880.

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