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    Fleet Repair in Fairfax, VA

    At Like New Automotive in Fairfax, VA, we know how important it is to keep your fleet in peak shape. If your fleet isn’t compliant with regulation, aligned, or safe, you can run into a number of problems on the road. For businesses, keeping your vehicles on the road and running safely is of utmost importance. 

    Our specialized technicians at Like New Automotive understand that, and are trained with the latest preventive maintenance measures. When it comes to preventive maintenance, we will check your brakes, tires, drive train, and electric systems. Our technicians also understand all of the relevant state regulations and trained to ensure that your vehicle’s fleet meets those standards.

    Fleet Repair

    With convenient hours, we can meet your business’s schedule without creating any conflicts. That means you don’t have to halt your business while we make sure that your fleet stays workable and safe. With yearly training, our technicians are ready to help your business stay on the road with preventive measures and mechanical repairs.

    You shouldn’t have to worry if your company vehicles are ready for the job. And with Like New Automotive, you won’t have to. Just leave it to us, and your vehicles will be running at peak efficiency, which keeps fuel and repair costs down and saves you money.

    To schedule an appointment for an oil change at our shop in Fairfax, VA, you can contact us at (703) 536-2880.

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