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    Engine Replacement in Fairfax, VA

    Your engine was built to function for a long time, racking up lots of miles. Regular maintenance and service can save you money now and later down the road. Neglect and ignoring the warning signs are the number one problem with all major engine repairs. Your vehicle relies on its engine for everything, so when the engine starts to go bad due to time, mileage, or mechanical failure, you’ll want to replace it as soon as possible. Like New Automotive offers quality and dependable engine replacement in Fairfax, VA.

    Engine Replacement

    What is Engine Replacement?

    Your vehicle’s engine is what keeps your vehicle moving. Although generally reliable, the engine is susceptible to damage and breakdown. Our technicians are experienced with all types of engine repair and replacement. When your vehicle’s engine is damaged beyond repair, an engine replacement is a good option to add years to your vehicle’s life and save thousands of dollars over what it might cost to buy another vehicle. 

    Replacement Engine Options Include:

    When Would Engine Replacement Be Necessary?

    When your engine gives in, it does not have to be the end of your vehicle’s life. An engine replacement gets your vehicle back on the road at a price that is very affordable and in a short time frame. Routine preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure that your car doesn’t suffer from major complications. The most common reasons your car could need an engine replacement include: 

    To schedule an appointment for an oil change at our shop in Fairfax, VA, you can contact us at (703) 536-2880.

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