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    Full car wraps in Fairfax, VA

    How to Vinyl Wrap a Car

    Vehicle wraps make a notable and cool look on any vehicle. They come in carbon fiber looks, brushed metal, matte tones, and high shine tones. Motorsports are discovering esteem in the wraps. The vinyl utilized in planning the wrap is a favored choice since it is lighter than paint. That is significant when speed is the priority.

    Printable choices create almost limitless options for business or individual vehicles. There are plans from which you can pick, or customers have the option of making their own. At the point when change is required, remove the custom wrap and supplant it with something different. 

    The wraps are exceptionally comfortable and stylish. They cling to bent, unpredictable, and creased surfaces better compared to your standard vinyl designs. The emblazoned film of carbon fiber is a strong, top-of-the-line material that stretches and adjusts to any surface or shape. 

    Prior to wraps, the best way to change a vehicle’s appearance was the paintwork. They normally last around five years. The wraps withstand wind, downpour, cold, and warmth. With appropriate upkeep, they last more.

    Benefits of Wrap

    The first benefit of wrap is that they make your car look unique. There is no deficiency of significant worth of your like that of a paint job. The wrap is 100% removable. Lease agreements and warranties remain valid. Painting voids warranties and is not an option for leased vehicles.

    The expense of the wrap is about half of the expense of equivalent paintwork and gives you many styles to choose from. Fixing scratches, or mishap harm, requires no exorbitant shading coordinating with paint charge. It’s difficult to recognize wraps from a paint job. Painting the whole vehicle isn’t required. Solitary stripes, mirrors, rooftop, or hood applications are conceivable. Vinyl is more diligently to scratch and more solid than matte paint. Hide scratches and dings to invigorate the appearance of the vehicle.


    At Like New Automotive, our skilled mechanics can advertise your business/brand on your vehicle. We advertise on your vehicle in such a way that it gets noticed by the people around.

    Car Wraps & Graphics

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