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 Buying Winter Tires Guide in Falls Church, VA

Buying Winter Tires Guide in Falls Church, VA

Buying Winter Tires Guide in Falls Church, VA

Snow tires, also known as winter tires enhance traction in harsh weather conditions including, extreme freezing, slush, ice, and snow. Regular tires lose their elasticity when there is a temperature below 7C. Winter tires work under extreme conditions. A well-engineered design can increase the life of your vehicle, and improve grip and control. There are many tire categories; it’s hard to decide which one to buy. Here is a quick guide to help you select the best tires for your vehicle.

Buying Guide for winter tires

  • Most winter tires have an advanced design that provide superior traction. As compare to all-season tires, winter tires can improve braking performance to 20%. Many tests have proved that winter tires can stop at a shorter distance than all season. These tires give you better control when you drive in cold temperature. The compounds in winter tires make them flexible, allowing you to have a better grip on ice and snow.
  • In addition to cold weather, these tires can climb on sharp corners and hills in your area. It doesn’t matter how harmful the condition is, these tires are made to endure and provide long-term returns. If you live in areas where snow, ice, and slush causes you problems, you can buy winter tires to face these challenges.
  • People may think how harsh the condition should be before buying winter tires. A general concept is that if you live in an area where the temperature is below 7.2 centigrade, or in where regular tires don’t give you much grip, you can shift to get rid of the problem. These tires enhance performance and help make the road safer for you. If you want to experience a safe ride, then there isn’t any other alternative than winter tires.

High performance winter tires

When you shop for tires, keep in consideration that your vehicle’s stopping, starting, and turning abilities matters most. And to add life, you need tires that are accessible on icy and snowy surfaces.

When buying these tires, you should keep these points in consideration.

  • According to RMA (Rubber Manufacturers Association), to maintain control and stability in snow conditions, you need four winter tires.
  • Even if you have winter tires, but the company you choose doesn’t offer security, and then it is better not to buy. Always choose a design that will suit conditions in your area for controlled braking, power transmission, and stability. Not every manufacturer can make tires that offer better control and stability.
  • When you buy a tire, some symbols indicate whether it is suitable for harsh conditions. If you see heavy snow condition symbol on a tire recognized by RMA, buy that. Remember to check this symbol carefully otherwise you may end up buying tires from local vendors.

We hope that you found these tire buying tips helpful. If you are looking for a tire shop to buy your new tires please contact Like New Automotive in Falls Church, VA today!

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