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Independent Body Shop That Works With All Insurance Companies

At Like New Automotive, we strongly affirm that you should have the liberty to choose the best for you. Being an independent body repair shop, we are open to work with any insurance company. Insurance claiming processes can be confusing sometimes, therefore we are here to get it done for you. Our customer service team has administered hundreds of insurance claims along with dozens of providers. So, you can rely on us for this. So, if you have encountered with an auto accident, just come to our centre at 2809 Dorr Ave, Fairfax VA 22031 and, we will handle both your car and insurance claims.

Auto Insurance Claim

Know Your Right To Choose

When your car meets an accident, your insurance company might refer you to the body repair centers of their own choice. What if you do not want to go there? Here comes the freedom to choose. In order to achieve profits, insurance companies’ tie-up with a body repair shop that uses cheap and not-so-good parts. 

But, we as an independent body shop, don’t allow insurance companies to command your repairs. We make sure your vehicle is totally restored by using OEM parts and all repairs are done. The cherry on the cake is that we file and manage all your insurance claims processes.

For more queries, please feel free to call our team today at (703) 536-2880.

In order to achieve profits, insurance companies partner up with body repair shops making them their “preferred shop”. They are able to get repairs completed by using used or aftermarket parts without you ever knowing. We at Like New Automotive let our customers know when this is occurring. We believe it’s only fair. You can then further discuss these issues with your insurance company if you are seeking new OEM parts only. As an independent shop we educate our customers and let you know exactly how your insurance company is choosing to repair your vehicle because you are our partner not the insurance company. By law you can choose the shop of your choice.

We also offer lifetime warranties like their preferred shops do. So let your voice be heard and bring your claims to us with the team that’s here for you.

Leave Your Auto Insurance Claim To Us

Getting your car repaired is one thing, but filing your auto insurance claim is another. Many of our customers don’t like dealing with their insurance claims, and some aren’t even sure where to begin. Fortunately, when you choose Like New Automotive for your auto body repairs, we can also manage your insurance claim. Our team will file the claim and take care of everything, including performing an inspection, submitting an estimate, and working with your claims adjuster. Because we’ve worked with dozens of insurance companies, we can confidently manage your claim no matter who your provider is. When you stop by our facility, you can leave your stress at the door!

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