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Auto detailing is the process of making your car look, smell, and feel brand new, by paying attention to details a normal car wash doesn’t. Not only does a detail provide more attention to cleaning your car, but it also requires higher quality materials, products, and specialized procedures. A normal car wash just focuses on making your car appear to be clean. An auto detail is a service of truly making your cars interior and exterior clean with processes that take more expertise than a simple car wash. Like New provides a complete range of auto detailing services in Falls Church, VA. Our services

Our services include Auto Detailing, Car Detailing, Automobile Detailing, Car Cleaning, Car Wash, Hand Wash, Interior Cleaning, Car Waxing, Engine Cleaning, Headlight Restoration, Odor Removal, Interior Repair and more.

Professional Car Detailing, Interior & Interior Experts

Our car detailing services include an exceptionally thorough cleaning along with the option of waxing, polishing and a variety of other services for your vehicle. Our high quality detailing services will not only help to restore your car’s former appearance, they are also extremely beneficial in enhancing the resale value of your vehicle. There are two main components of auto detailing; exterior and interior detailing. On the side of the page, we have included all of our various services. Whether you’re keeping your car and want to maintain it’s new look or selling your car and want to get the most value from the sale let Like New high-end auto detail shops handle all your needs. Car detailing is one of our automotive services that form the heart of our business. To give you a little history, Like New was founded as a one-man auto detailing operation more than 10 years ago. Today, our excellent reputation for meticulous care and quality extends to every aspect of our services. By maintaining the “Like New” appearance of your vehicle, you will be sure to continue to enjoy driving it for many years to come. When you are ready to trade or sell your vehicle, you will sure get a worthwhile return for your extra efforts! The skills utilized by our automotive professionals are always applied to every customers service — whether be it refinishing, upholstery work, structural evaluation or repair of dings and scratches.

Expert Car Cleaning Services Northern VA

At Like New, we are meticulously detailed and focused on car exterior and interior perfection. With two locations that are conveniently located in the Northern Virginia area, no matter where in Northern Virginia you are located, there is a Like New automotive detailing shop not far away. Our primary objective is to provide very competitive, convenient and professional detailing services to all of our customers. With over 10 years of experience, Like New is the smartest and most high-value option for all your detailing, repair or enhancement service needs. Like New is fiercely dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality service and value found in the Northern Virginia area. We always strive for perfection, amazing customer service and with providing our customers most premier car detailing services available. At Like New, we always treat each vehicle as if it was our own.

Exterior and Interior Professional Car Detailing

We know very well that automotive paint can be damaged by improper washing and drying methods. The wrong accessories and towels can leave ugly swirls, and some detergents can even strip the wax. Like New’s Hand Wash will gently clean your car. We use the only the very best selection of ultra-safe, auto wash accessories and products for the protection of your car’s exterior finishes and interior surfaces. All of our auto detailing packages will leave your car looking “Like New” again! All exterior auto detailing services include a thorough cleaning of tires, wheels and wheel wells, and a hand wash/chamois dry. In addition to our basic Hand Wash, we also have other packages that include removal of grime, bugs and tar, and an application of clay for removal of environmental fallout. Claying deep cleans the paint, penetrating the pores and enabling waxes and sealants to bond better and last longer. Your car’s exterior tires and trim are dressed, detailed and conditioned to be “Like New”.

We Keep Cars Looking “Like New”

Our excellent customer service, industry leading auto detailing services, affordable prices, and very high value are what sets us apart from our competition. Your complete satisfaction is our top priority. At Like New, we also offer pick-up and delivery services that include an overall customer inspection securing and ensuring our service meets your expectations. Like New uses the best-detailing products and equipment currently available on the market. We remain committed to doing what we do best: restoring the sparkle and beauty to your automobiles!