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    Batteries in Fairfax, VA

    Auto batteries typically last up to 5 years. At Like New Automotive, we can inspect the condition of your car battery, and if it’s been worn down, our auto mechanics will effectively and efficiently correct the issue. Without a battery, your car won’t function. When it dies, your car won’t start, leaving you either stranded or stuck at home. Your car’s battery is a piece of equipment that is used to gather energy that is required for all the electrical components of your vehicle to function.


    What Does The Battery Do?

    It operates the starter, ignition system, and fuel pumps, among other components. When your car is turned off, it provides energy to the radio or the lights. If something fails in the electrical system, your battery will continue to fail as well. An effective battery will properly maintain all the components of the electrical system.

    Battery Replacement Service Includes:

    Why is Your Car Battery Important?

    A car battery is essential to the life of your vehicle. If your battery is faulty or needs charge or replacement, you will need auto repair Alexandria and Annandale, VA. The battery interacts with several parts of your vehicle, and it can harm them if it’s severely damaged. Your car battery, if poorly maintained, can completely shut your vehicle down until it is replaced. The battery also stores a lot of electricity, and if it can’t properly contain that power, it can cause damage to the charging system or starter, which will render your engine useless and increase the cost of getting your car up and running again.

    Tips for Battery Care

    To help you care for your battery, we suggest the following:

    To schedule an appointment for an oil change at our shop in Fairfax, VA, you can contact us at (703) 536-2880.

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